We are excited about this year's line-up of workshops.  We are also adding discussion groups in with the mix, to allow more group interaction, for those ladies who prefer that type of format.  Here is a list of the current workshops and discussion groups:  (This list may be slightly altered as we move closer to WOW 2019.)



You may question whether you are spiritually mature enough to be a mentor or wonder if you have what it takes to be the mentor God wants you to be. During this workshop, we will be diving deeper into the Bible to reflect on how God wants us to live a life worthy of the calling we have received (Eph 4). And after you go through this guided hour of personal bible study, you will see that the Spirit is already at work in your life to walk alongside other sisters in Christ.

Emily Bargen currently lives in Howell, MI, with her husband, Kris, and four children. They are actively involved at 2|42 Community Church, in Brighton, MI.


*THE EMPTY-NESTERS - Betty Fairchild

It's God's plan that we raise our children and send them off to start adult lives.  As parents, are you prepared for their leaving?   In this workshop, we will explore how to prepare and live happily as an "empty-nester."

Betty and her husband, Bob, have been "empty-nesters" for some time as their sons, Chris and Craig left home. They enjoy spending time together fishing, hunting, camping, and working at Wilderness Christian Assembly. Betty works alongside Bob as they minister to Detour Christian Church in the U.P. of Michigan.


This workshop will show you how to use God's Word, prayer, and other Christians to encourage you in your faith journey.  I will also show you how to encourage other believers and those who do not yet know Him.

Joy attended the Michigan School for the Blind through high school, then graduated from Great Lakes Christian College in 1985.  She attends South Lansing Christian Church, where she enjoys being part of the music and women's ministries.  Joy works as a Braille textbook proofreader, reading everything from kindergarten through college in all subject areas.  She counts it a privilege to share her love for the Lord and His Word in women's Bible studies and through speaking engagements whenever God gives her the opportunity.



This workshop will focus on various stages of spiritual maturity for those people WITHIN the church already, especially those people who have "grown up" in church but haven't matured in their faith accordingly. You will also learn how to reach people where they are at and help them grow to be more mature Christians. 

Carrie is a wife to Sam Long, mother to Elijah & Sophia, teacher of 3rd grade students in Grand Ledge, and lover of Jesus everyday!  She strives to serve the church body and local community wherever she finds herself through each season of life. 



This workshop will orient you to the history and priorities of the Restoration/Stone-Campbell Movement through the stories of influential women instrumental in the spread of the Restoration Movement.

Jordan Kellicut became senior minister at Oakland Drive Christian Church in December of 2013. He graduated from Emmanuel Christian Seminary with a Masters of Divinity and Great Lakes Christian College with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries and Biblical Theology. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from Western Theological Seminary, and has served in many ministry positions since 2001. Jordan and his wife, Laura, have two young daughters.


*SOUL KEEPING - Peg Airgood

 Come and explore what the soul is, why it is important to understand its function in our lives, and how your awareness of the soul can enhance the peace and hope we strive to find here on earth.

Peg worked in the mental health field for over 35 years, and retired in 2016. She worked with children, youth, and adults, having earned her degrees in psychology and social work. Peg attends Duplain Church of Christ in St Johns, Michigan.  She loves to seek knowledge of how to live a godly life and share with others about what she’s learned from her life experiences, with the hope that it will help others grow in their faith.



Gwen will use her professional and personal experiences to compare and contrast her observations on two specific deaths. What are some of the physiological changes that occur as one begins to die? And what are the spiritual? Additionally, this is an open forum so your questions can be answered.

Gwen Steenhoven was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. She received several degrees in music (flute) and music theory before receiving her ADN in applied science. She has been working as a nurse since 1992, mostly in the intensive care unit, but has also worked 3 years as a hospice nurse. Sensing a calling from the Lord, Gwen pursued and received her Master of Divinity in 2007 from Asbury Theological Seminary. Gwen has been married to John for 37 years, has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She is a member of the Oakland Drive Christian Church in Portage, MI.





We will be discussing various activities and programs that are used in our churches to: 1) foster fellowship within the church family; 2) reach out to your community as a group and/or as individuals. Bring your own ideas to share with the group; hopefully, you will be motivated to return to your local church family with new and exciting activities to use.



Come join us for a discussion of how our faith changes through the years.  Every life transition brings new challenges and joys.  This often leaves us figuring out all over again how to live out our faith in the new normal.  A panel of three women in different seasons of life will share their journeys in navigating being a Mom with young children, experiencing an empty nest, and entering into retirement.  Together we will all discuss the struggles and victories of being faithful in every season.



If you're both raising a child and caring for an aging parent, you might feel as if you're stuck between a rock and a hard place—otherwise known as the sandwich generation. One out of eight Americans between the ages of 40 to 60 is playing a juggling act between the younger and older generations. In this discussion group we will identify some of the issues with the 'youngers' and the 'olders', and share ideas of encouragement with one another.


*WE GATHER TOGETHER TO... - Nolan McCausey

Why do we as believers meet together on a regular basis? Is it primarily to worship God?  To hear a sermon and learn a lesson?  All (or none) of the above? This session will explore the purpose of church gatherings as presented in Scripture, and the role that music should play within that context. We will also take a look at how praise teams can and should be a place of intentional community within the Body.